Automatic Door Opener/ System
WB90/150&VR180 Automatic door
1Strap tension pulley parta
Strap tension pulley is used to adjust the strap tension strap constant adjustment is to maintain the constant tension for the synchronous toothed belt.
2All-purposes adjustable hanging bridge
Using adjustable structure for the whole, hanging bridge parts takes shape by the cold rolling steel plate ramming, it's surface is galvanized,used to hang doors and adjust the door-leaf height.
3Power girder
Novelty structure, extrusion ed to molding by high strength aluminum alloy at one time, the structure
4Strap components
Selecting high transmission efficiency synchronous belts, by specially made motor-driven for reciprocating movement,connects to hanging bridge leading door-leaf movement.
5Microcomputer Intelligent Control System
Automatic door control hinge.Using built-in micro-computer chips,receives testing signals from the sensor,and according to the size of the doors and weight,it can adjust automatically,setting control process after programming.
6the powerful power device
Import-technology,manufacturing non-brush DC motor, using worm wheel pole structure about the reducer,with longevity,torque and low noise advantages.



DORMOX-VR180 inductive automatic door have the powerful systemcontrolled by the intelligent microcomputer,which optimiz the all operation functions,ensure maintaining the best situation in the whole year,make running more exactly.

The set has safety-sensor,avoid hurting person.Although someone make the door bear strong force when pushing or pulling,it won’t be mixed up on the program.The motor electronic lock function ensures the advanced safety guard. In addition, the spare power is optional, which make the set go on running when the power is cut off, insuring men’s safety

The exceeding powerful DC non-brush dynamo of low-yawp. larger power and long life,the exact driver equipment. Ensure running of the door body more steadily and reliably.

Environment protection
Use the novel construction design, apply the new materials, which avoid bringing out resonate conduction in the running of the door bodies,and ensure maintaining a silent environment.

Use the double door locked each other, eliminate the better air spilling out, avoid the crossed infection, reach to the requirement of the airproof, Have the best effect insulation of sound.

Opening is sensitive, closedown is timely, switch is short, easiest and laborsaving.

Technical parameter Sheet
Doors parameters
single door leaf shift gate
net open width 700-1300mm
Max weight of the door body 90kgx1
double door leaf shift gate
net open width 600-1250mm
Max weight of the door 90kgx2
Technical data
Height 128mm
Installation speed 100mm
Opening speed(gradual adjustable) 15-50cm/s
Closing spped(gradual adjustable) 15-45cm/s
The delay time when open the door within 0.5-8
Electricity demand AC200-250V 50/60Hz
Run environment temperature -20- +50
Control Module
Microcomputer control
Program choose
-full automatic
-opening method
-open for long time
-Single opened
-Semi-open mode
Blockage automatic return
Directly regulate basic parameters
OFF open or closed (backup battery)
External load power output
Optional fittings
Electronic mechanical lock
Remote switch
Backup battery
Safety-electric eyes (up to two pairs)