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Address:No.39th.,XiangYuan Rd., Gongshu District, Hangzhou,China
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Hangzhou Weibo Technology Co., Ltd.(Hangzhou Jingce Electronic Co.,Ltd.) is a manufacturer established in 1999, specialized in the research and development, design, manufacture, sales, installation and service of integrated professional automatic doors, digital storage osclliscope, function generator, LCR meter,DC power supply etc.
Our 35,000 square meter building area new factory is under construction, will be finished on August 2013.

Our main products are as following:
sliding door,revolving door,swing door,medical door,ARC shaped door
automatic door accessories. Such as microcomputer controller, microwave sensor, motor, safety beam sensor, access controller, backup batteries,electro bolt lock etc.
digital storage osclliscope,function generator,LCR meter,DC power supply

Our automatic door are used in Restaurants and Hotels, Banks; Hospitals; Supermarkets; Airports; Office buildings, Factories; Shops; Public Buildings, etc.

As a manufacturer, we can provide you:
High quality products
Reasonable price
Fast delivery: 3-15days depends order quantity
Warranty period: one year
Certificate: ISO9001&CE

Pls feel free to connect with us if any quires!
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